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Who We Are​

New Zealand Colostrum is produced from New Zealand dairy cows. The New Zealand dairy industry is one of, if not the biggest dairy industries in the world. Our Colostrum products provide you with the help you need to take advantage of an improved Immune.

Why Choose Us​

Our Colostrum New Zealand range harnesses the power of Alpha Lipid Lifeline Colostrum. When you have the right balance of nutrients and a healthy digestive system to absorb them, your body and mind are naturally healthier and more focused.

How It Works​

Our Colostrum Products help create a powerful immune system and digestive support to help you feel balanced, healthy and strong. Colostrum proteins and antibodies support your immune system helping you feel fit, healthy
and protected.

Tips To Children’s Health & Wellness

Some say that guiding children through their teenage years is the most challenging task parents face. I can see where that comment may be coming from but it’s something I look forward to. I think all stages of parenting are different and challenging. When children reach their teenage years, they are experiencing many changes – mentally, physically and emotionally. […]

The Physical & Mental Benefits Of Exercise

So, let’s look at exercise.  How much exercise do you currently get ? Personally, I pretty much exercise everyday ,  whether it’s from walking, going to the gym, or working a physical job. Exercise isn’t just about our physical health .  I think it’s a huge player in our mental health as well.  It is […]

Teach Children To Make Healthy Food Choices

Everyone needs to be active and eat well to be healthy. Being healthy increases your quality of life and your sense of wellbeing. So, lets teach our kids to make healthy food choices. Make mealtimes fun – where family can catch and and share their day. Have meals together as a family …… turn the […]

Having Enough Energy

Getting good sleep is a great way to boost your energy levels. You should also eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Do you feel like you need morning caffeine to get you going in the morning ? Well , maybe you need more quality sleep. Caffeine is a stimulant , along with some other herbal […]

Boosting Your Energy

The combination of adequate quality sleep, food rich in nutrition, and time-to-time exercise seems to be the best way to increase your energy levels. It is likely that your sleep is not adequate if you have to take caffeine before setting out for the day. However, it is possible that lower energy level is due […]

Colostrum …. The Key To Good Health

The reason for the sacredness of cows in some religions got me wondering for some years. In India, cows frequently have more rights than Humans. The reason for this might be due to the many benefits accruable from Colostrum. It is necessary for life, as it is the first milk in every nursing animal. Its […]

Having a Healthy & Happy Gut

When it comes to our gut, people do not really discuss it. However, it has become a topic of great attention to scientific researchers and it is for a good reason. Some people have talked about its effect on us. People make statements concerning guts in a situation in which they desire to know what […]

Immunity for the Family

See Ya sniffles! Kiss sickness goodbye with our immune boosting secret! When one family member gets sick, do the rest of the family drop like flies? Maybe it’s because you didn’t wash your hands enough, or maybe it was that time you went to the bowling alley, riddled with germs. The bottom line is, we […]