The Physical & Mental Benefits Of Exercise

So, let’s look at exercise.  How much exercise do you currently get ? Personally, I pretty much exercise everyday ,  whether it’s from walking, going to the gym, or working a physical job.

Exercise isn’t just about our physical health .  I think it’s a huge player in our mental health as well.  It is a huge contributor to one’s self-esteem, a huge way of increasing your self-esteem ,  feeling good about yourself. I would make it a 50/50 split between physical health and mental health.

For me,  there’s nothing like the feeling I have after I have spent an hour at the gym,  or returned home after walking for several hours. I am a big walker. This is partly due to me never being able to drive.  Because of Epilepsy , I have never had a driver’s licence. This has made some parts of life difficult, but the one positive point of this is the amount I walk and how easy it is.  I enjoy walking a lot. Put music in my ears and I feel i could walk forever.

I try to attend the gym 4 or 5  days a week. I do several different exercises there , whether it’s working on my arms, legs or abs.  You can always spend time on the cross trainers or bikes , but I don’t spend much time on these. We actually have a cross trainer here at home.

I’m pretty focused when spending time at the gym . When I look around , many people spend half their time looking at their mobiles.  That’s the way the world is today isn’t it. Wherever you are, take a look around and at least 50% of people are looking down towards their phones.  This is also something I see when I pick my children up after school.

To be honest , I have to admit there are times when I stray away from the best diet I could have .   But, one thing we should all keep in mind is everything in moderation. Yes , it’s ok to occasionally have takeaways, perhaps once or twice a month.  It is also ok to have the odd chocolate bar as well. But everything in moderation.

What sort of meals do you have ? In our household,  we stick to having veggies at least every second night. Our kids are pretty good when it comes to eating their veggies. If you get things started from a young age , They will know nothing else and getting them to eat their dinner every night shouldn’t be a problem.

So to sum things up , exercise is both a physical and mental thing. It helps us in both these two ways.

Today I have already spent an our hour walking, and I intend to also spend an hour at the gym.  I very much look forward to this everyday.