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Alpha Lipid Lifeline Colostrum, for your family. Support them with the best colostrum. Nature's way of looking after us!

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It’s the Alpha Lipid™ difference that makes Lifeline™ unique
Colostrum is well known for its health benefits, but not all colostrum products are created equal. To obtain
the maximum benefits of colostrum it is important that as much natural bioactive colostrum is delivered
to the body as possible.
Coating colostrum particles with the exclusive Alpha Lipid™ extract ensures they are protected as they pass through the harsh stomach environment.
The Alpha Lipid™ coating is both water and fat-soluble, improving dispersion & absorption of the colostrum
particles into the body.
A large number of scientific studies now support the health benefits of colostrum, and New Image™
International has the only patent-protected colostrum product in the world.

The best quality products come from New Zealand

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