Teach Children To Make Healthy Food Choices

Everyone needs to be active and eat well to be healthy.
Being healthy increases your quality of life and your
sense of wellbeing.

So, lets teach our kids to make healthy food choices.

  • Make mealtimes fun – where family can catch and and share their day.
  • Have meals together as a family …… turn the T.V off !!
  • Have meals at times that suit children – this may mean having dinner
    a bit earlier.
  • Provide 3 healthy meals everyday. make breakfast compulsory.
  • Provide a wide variety of foods to children to choose from.
  • Take your children grocery shopping and encourage them to choose
    healthy foods , such as fruit and vegetables.
  • Encourage your kids to provide new foods.
  • Preparing food is fun. Involve children from an early age.
    Teach them how to bake. Let them do more as they get older.
  • Children’s serving sizes should be smaller than adults.
    Most kids don’t need to eat as much as adults.
  • Make sure they have a good feed, but let them stop if they
    are genuinely full.
  • Offer healthy snacks between meals.

Do less of these ……

  • Keep takeaways as just an occassional meal…less than
    once a week.
  • Limit fruit juice and dried fruit. They have alot of sugar.

Don’t do these ……

  • Eating rewards or force or push a child to eat.
  • Don’t encourage continuous eating – stick to set meal and snack times.

Be a positive role model – if you make healthy choices, then your children are more likely to do the same.

Offer many different foods

Children need to eat many different foods to be healthy and to grow.
The four main food groups contain a mixture of carbohydrates,fat,protein,vitamins and minerals –
all of which children need as they grow.