Colostrum …. The Key To Good Health

The reason for the sacredness of cows in some religions got me wondering for some years. In India, cows frequently have more rights than Humans.

The reason for this might be due to the many benefits accruable from Colostrum. It is necessary for life, as it is the first milk in every nursing animal. Its production comes within the initial 72 hours.

It has served the cultural purpose of remedy and nourishment in ancient days. The following are some facts about Colostrum.

  • The Scandinavians use it to celebrate the birth of calves. They eat it in form of dessert together with honey.
  • Due to having antibiotic features, people in the U.S. and worldwide use it prior to the emergence of sulfa drugs and antibiotics.
  • The prescription of doctors in 1955 for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis was based on Colostrum.
  • The discovery of antibodies in Colostrum that work against polio was by Albert Sabin who later produced a vaccine successfully in 1962.
  •  It (bovine colostrum ) was used to treat children having rotavirus diarrhea in the mid 1980s.

There have been numerous studies regarding colostrum worldwide since then and numerous information emerged from researches concerning its healing abilities and its potential in fighting disease.

Prior to the diagnosis of some diseases that are infectious and degenerative, there are often manifestations of impaired immune systems.According to studies, there are immune factors in colostrum that can bring about the restoration of a functional immune system. At the back of the book by Dr. Daniel G. Clark titled ‘In Colostrum, Life’s First Food’ is the message saying that bovine colostrum helps in rebuilding the immune system, accelerating body tissue healing, weight loss, bone and lean muscle mass increment.

What’s In Colostrum ?

The properties of colostrum include antioxidant and some anti-inflammatory. Likewise, it offers many vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids that promote healthy immunity. The major constituents in colostrum have immune factors that can achieve the regulation of the immune response as well as growth factors for repairing damaged cells, and anti-inflammatory factors for the reduction of inflammation.