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Who We Are​

New Zealand Colostrum is produced from New Zealand dairy cows. The New Zealand dairy industry is one of, if not the biggest dairy industries in the world. Our Colostrum products provide you with the help you need to take advantage of an improved Immune.

Why Choose Us​

Our Colostrum New Zealand range harnesses the power of Alpha Lipid Lifeline Colostrum. When you have the right balance of nutrients and a healthy digestive system to absorb them, your body and mind are naturally healthier and more focused.

How It Works​

Our Colostrum Products help create a powerful immune system and digestive support to help you feel balanced, healthy and strong. Colostrum proteins and antibodies support your immune system helping you feel fit, healthy
and protected.

8 Fat Loss Mistakes

Fat Loss – Many of us have been there before. ‘And now there is a new fat free, gluten free, dairy free, carb free product on the market that will fix all your problems’. Welcome to dieting déjà vu. Trying to shed a few pounds is always harder than it sounds. There is no ‘one […]

Cholesterol – The Evil Sidekick

While dietary fat has no doubt been stigmatised as the truly evil madman that is ruining our health, cholesterol has been branded as the evil sidekick, almost as equally responsible for destroying our bodies. We’ve been told for decades to avoid foods with cholesterol, because they are what’s clogging our arteries. No egg yolks, only […]

Festive Season Weight Management

The holiday season is all about enjoying time with family and friends , but it is also a time that your regular eating can go out the window. It’s often easy to lose sight of your goals during all the summer fun. Although not as dangerous as winter, summer can spoil your weight and health […]

Growing Healthy Children

Whether they’re hard at play in the mud outside, helping the dog with his dinner or sharing toys with friends, kids give little regard to hygiene, resulting in them having an increased exposure to bacteria and viruses. This tactile nature of children is important for their learning and development, but how do you guard against […]

Exercise & Fluid

“You are what you eat” is often repeated. The food we eat has an effect on our health throughout our lives. Our diet also includes what we drink , so maybe it could also be said that we are what we drink. Not enough fluid can of course lead to dehydration. It only takes as […]

Ten Reasons to Exercise and Be Physically Active

Feel more energized Burn more calories at rest Improve overall appearance Be able to withstand stress Decrease risk of illness Speed up recovery from injury or surgery Keep focused Build up cardiovascular endurance Improve flexibility Increase lean body mass Feel Energized When we are active, blood vessels that go to your muscles dilate, which causes […]

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How Strong & Healthy Are Your Bones ?

Often looked as being less important to our health than well known organs such as our heart or brain, the bones in the adult body serve a variety of functions that are vital to our health and well being. The bones of our skeletal system: Give us structure and shape. Provide attachment points for our […]

Exercise .. It Will Improve Your Mood

There are many reasons to hit the gym or pavement. People exercise to get out in the fresh air , lose weight and get fit. But , a reason many people enjoy exercise is often overlooked . This is the way exercise impacts mental health. When we exercise endorphins are released. These messages from your […]

Sports & Colostrum

ATHLETES MUST RECOVER QUICKLY Whether you’re a weekend sports person or doing it for a living, you want to be your best. Bovine Colostrum supports many things in the body and offers a solution towards healthy physical performance.Strength, speed, endurance, motivation and determination are essential to succeed. Those performing at a high level should be […]

Some Active Tips For The Time Poor

We all know that the benefits of moving are unquestionable, sometimes it can be a bit tough to fit it all in. So, here are a few tips to help you with this. Active Commuting Active commuting like cycling and walking, have all the benefits of a gym workout , except that some of our […]

Natural Nutrition …The Diet Of Champions

They say that great artists are made, not born. The same could also be said for athletes. Of course, genetics plays a large part in differentiating a mere athlete from a sports champion, but to be able to attain that legendary status in the Hall of Fame, an aspiring sportsperson must go through the strictest […]

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10 Steps To Keto Diet Success

Ketosis Strips Started eating keto and don’t know if you’ve been doing it right? Achieving ketosis is so individualised that it can be helpful to test your ketones to ensure you are achieving your health goals. Keeping the body in ketosis is the key to weight loss on this diet. They tell the body to burn stored […]