Some Active Tips For The Time Poor

We all know that the benefits of moving are unquestionable, sometimes it can be a bit tough to fit it all in.

So, here are a few tips to help you with this.

Active Commuting

Active commuting like cycling and walking, have all the benefits of a gym workout , except that some of our time is always spent commuting. It isn’t suitable for people who have quite a distance , but even walking to a bus stop that is further away has its benefits.

Saving The Planet

As we all know, the world has major issues with the likes of climate change.
We all want to save the planet. So, there are a few things you can do that will help both yours and the planet’s health. How about growing your own vegetables. Whether it’s a pot or a full garden , it provides an opportunity for physical activity. This gets you outdoors , with the added benefit of easy access to healthy food.
We need our veges !!


Dancing is a great exercise. Benefits of dancing extend beyond the physical with coordination. It also helps with mental alertness and helps us keep a good memory, especially as we get older.


Whether your buying the groceries or having a quick run around with the vacuum cleaner , using domestic jobs as a chance to be physically active is unlikely to lead to a new love for housework.But it may make it go faster and will add some heart rate raising activity.

If a regular schedule workout doesn’t inspire you, then think of some other options. Maybe consider using a trainer , trying a class , getting into some new exercises , or even get into the pool.
Most don’t know the huge benefits of swimming as an exercise.
Exercise works best when done regularly. It doesn’t have to be huge, but do something each day , week, month and year. Choosing exercise and physical activity you WANT TO DO IS IMPORTANT.

At the end of the day , there are a number of reasons you don’t have time for exercising and lack of time is only one of them.

It’s easier to find time to do things we enjoy , so if the exercise you have been doing doesn’t inspire you , then don’t knock yourself – go looking for sustainable , motivating forms of exercise or physical activity.