Sports & Colostrum


Whether you’re a weekend sports person or doing it for a living, you want to be your best. Bovine Colostrum supports many things in the body and offers a solution towards healthy physical performance.Strength, speed, endurance, motivation and determination are essential to succeed. Those performing at a high level should be doing the best they can, which means pushing the boundaries in both the body and mind.They need to recover quickly from training, injury and do their best to stay away from illness.

A healthy diet

A healthy diet along with some supplements play an important part in the overall health.This is an important part in being successful.Whatever level you are at, you need to ensure your basic nutrition provides a good amount of calories, vitamins, minerals, protein and water. Water is very important and is often overlooked.


There are alot of supplement that claim to help performance out there. Whichever supplements you choose, make sure you have a clear understanding about what they actually do ….. how they actually help you, that they are safe , and whether they are on any prohibited substances lists. Bovine colostrum is essentially a whole food, designed by nature for infant mammals. Along with science , it has been made available in the form of a supplement. A good quality colostrum product will be processed to maintain the highest level of naturally occurring nutrients possible, keeping it true to its natural, whole food origin.

Colostrum is suitable for everyone

Colostrum will –

  • Maintain the health of digestion.
  • Support the body’s natural defences against ills & chills
  • Help naturally achieve ongoing good health
  • Support natural healing and regeneration


Colostrum is a natural food which is designed for mammals in their early stages of life. There are no known interactions or contraindications associated with the use of colostrum. The common daily dose for most adults is 2g per day. There have been studies done on athletes using large doses of 60g (the amount an average person has in an entire month) These studies have shown that Bovine Colostrum is non-toxic.

Drug Free Sport

Athlete should be aware if anything they are taking is on any list of prohibited substances. Bovine colostrum is NOT.

So, when looking for a natural supplement that supports you physical and your everyday health, bovine colostrum is the one for you.