Exercise .. It Will Improve Your Mood

There are many reasons to hit the gym or pavement. People exercise to get out in the fresh air , lose weight and get fit. But , a reason many people enjoy exercise is often overlooked . This is the way exercise impacts mental health.

When we exercise endorphins are released. These messages from your brain makes us feel good and gives feelings of pleasure. It’s a natural buzz , one that is part of having good self-esteem as well.

Exercise has a huge effect on our physiology . It affects our whole bodies , and not only improves our physical wellbeing , but also our mental health.

Mental Illness & Mental Health

There is a difference between mental illness and mental health.Everyone has mental health and we can experience poor mental health. ( feeling down ) , or good mental health ( feeling happy ) at any time. Feeling down or experiencing poor mental health doesn’t necessarily mean mental illness.

Someone with mental illness may be symptom free and experiencing good mental health. Sound a bit confusing ?

Exercise has repeatedly been shown to play a key role in mental health. Depression can be helped by exercising , even if it’s only one hour a week.

Finding an exercise that works for you is important . Maybe it doesn’t seem like much . But, as with a lot of things, doing something is better than doing nothing.

People with mental health disorders have 2 times higher risk of death than everyone else. It’s normally thought that physical health problems contribute more to this than mental health issues. People experiencing a mental health illness are less likely to be involved in physical activities. This means they are at a bigger risk of health issues such as diabetes and obesity.

Improving your mood, sleep,concentration and anxiety are all positive effects of exercise on physiology

Along with mental illness and mental health, we can create big changes for us and those that we love.Create an active lifestyle , which leads to a healthy and happy future.

Health Is The Best Type Of Wealth