Coronavirus Now Reaching a Pandemic Level

It seems the world is once again heading in the wrong direction with Coronavirus. It has now brought on over 2600 deaths and over 80,000 people infected. There is now discussion it is becoming a pandemic.

Cruise ships continue to be quarantined. Imagine being confined to just your room. There has been over 600 infected on the Diamond princess in Japan, along with two dead. Cities have been shut down , and as we know flights have been cancelled.

It’s just been said that Italy is the most affected in Europe. Infections have been discovered in 28 countries.

A cure is currently been worked on … but why do some get get sick with the virus and others don’t ? Well, it comes down to one thing – the strength of ones immune system.

Colostrum can strengthen your immune system is a big way.

The number one priority of your immune system is DEFENSE. Its job is to identify and protect your body from getting sick by fighting off ‘foreign invaders’, which actually enter your body constantly.

It’s hard to believe that every minute of every day there is a battle raging inside of your body between the cells of your immune system – the GOOD GUYS and the BAD GUYS, such as viruses (like the cold, flu and coronavirus), allergens, toxic substances and other foreign invaders (like pathogenic bacteria, parasites and fungi).

The stronger and more supported your immune system is, the better you are to remain healthy and protected.

However, there are many things in modern life today that can harm immunity and make people more prone to getting sick, such as:

  • Improper hygiene (like not washing hands enough)
  • Unhealthy diet, such as excess sugar & processed foods
  • Excess alcohol
  • Excess stress
  • Insufficient sleep
  • Environmental toxins (in the air, water, on food, etc.)
  • Poor gut health
  • Sitting too much / not exercising enough

So the key to a healthy immune system is limiting your exposure to foreign invaders, making healthy lifestyle choices and supplementing with the most powerful nutrients – the ‘ammunition’ – to best support your immune system so it can protect you against those foreign invaders.

Colostrum is multifunctional and compatible with every cell in your body. New Image™ Immufort™ is loaded with Billions of battle-trained warriors to reinforce your immune defences to help prevent pathogens from invading and converting your cells into incubators. It works directly to strengthen and repair a weakened immune system giving extra protection.