Deskercise – Let’s Get Moving

Alot of people sit for about 10 hours a day. That’s nearly half a day. That’s not the best is it…. NO !!

Excessive sitting has been linked to the likes of heart disease , diabetes and even poor mental health.

Yes, if you have an office job it’s most likely most of your time is at the desk.
So, what are some ways to become a bit more active.

During the likes of a lunch break , step outside and take a walk or a run.

What sort of furniture do you work at ? Maybe there is a way you can break time up into sitting and standing.

Maybe you could have a walking meeting instead of a sitting one. It may sound crazy , but depending on the number of people together , it may work.

Take a break from your desk to eat. Make sure you are always at least in a staff round. Or you could take a walk outside.

Get off public transport , such as a bus or train, early. Leave yourself a bit to walk to reach your destination.

Maybe forget about using a lift. Take to the steps instead.

Have water by yourself at all times. This of course keeps you hydrated. It also means you can get up and stretch your legs to refill your bottle.

If nature calls , perhaps you could stop using the most immediate toilet.

If you drive to work, park a bit of the distance away from work. Maybe it could be done so you have something like a 10 minute to get there.

Set reminders , perhaps once an hour, to get up and stretch your legs. This can also be done when it comes to drinking water.

Taking about 10,000 steps a day can be a good target.That may seem like a big challenge if you work indoors, but if you break it down it isn’t as hard as you think.

Think about –

  • a walk before work
  • a walk on your way to work
  • a short mid morning walk ( morning tea )
  • a walk at lunchtime
  • a mid afternoon walk
  • a walk after work.

So, those 10,000 steps are possible.