Dance Your Way To Better Health

For many, dancing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about exercise and keeping fit. However , dancing can help a lot when it comes to weight management , flexibility and stress levels.

Salsa Your Way To a Better Memory

Dancing forces our brains to concentrate , focus and remember. By learning steps and keeping in time to music , alot of cognitive manipulation is required. A salsa class can improve your memory by up to 18% !!

Waltz Your Way To a Healthy Heart

Exercise is great for cardiovascular health , but waltzing can help mend a broken heart. The Waltz can be controlled and quick , which helps improve the heart , breathing , sleeping & simple quality of life. So , it’s not all about getting on the bike or treadmill.

Ballet Your Way To Looser Joints

If you experience joint stiffness, a gentle dance may help improve your joint comfort. Try a ballet class !! This requires to move your joints through a full range of motions. This will help you move more steadily and easily. Plus , it is a slow dance , enabling you to have full control of all your movements.

Tango Your Way To Improved Balance

A natural sign of ageing is becoming less steady. However, a regular whirl on the dancefloor can help your balance and gain better control of your body. Dancing requires a lot of movement and good posture.

The benefits don’t end there – dancing can build up your stamina , keep your bones healthy and most importantly boost your spirits.

People are much more likely to stick to an exercise program that they enjoy. With so many styles of dancing out there , your bound to find something. Take a look online. Maybe there are some groups around !!